Enjoy the luxurious taste of ripe barbary fig, slightly sour kiwi and sweet, fresh strawberries in our lovely Angel Liquid! Shake it, vape it and fall in love!

mel-snv-liquid-angel-liquid my-eLiquid
  • 50ml - 0mg
  • Pure German production
  • Natural identical flavours
  • Closure with child-proof lock
  • with shelf life expiration date
  • thick unicorn bottle with dosing tip
  • Shake n Vape Ready
  • space for nicotine shots
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Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
Lieferzeit 2-5 Werktage

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Description & Rating Angel Liquid | Shake and Vape

Ingredients, safety instructions & FAQ Angel Liquid | Shake and Vape

Description & Rating Angel Liquid | Shake and Vape

  • Country of origin
    Germany (DE)
  • Taste
    Kaktusfeige, Kiwi, süße Erdbeere
  • Reifezeit
    2-3 Tage
  • Best before
    24 Monate
  • Bottle
    60 ml Unicorn Bottle
  • Contents
    1 x 50ml Angel Liquid | Shake and Vape
    3mg: 1 x 18mg Nikotinshot

Our Angel Liquid with its heavenly good taste is one of our Shake and Vape Liquids. Ripe, sweet barbary fig, refreshing kiwi and charming strawberries make a fruity combination you have always dreamed of! All our liquids are made in Germany and are subject to highest safety standards. Our Angel Liquid contains 40ml of nicotine-free liquid in one bottle of 60ml capacity. For a nicotine strength of 3ml/ml, simply add 8ml of one nicotine shot. One shot contains 10ml. For a higher level, you can fill in the whole shot. If you wish a nicotine level of 6mg/ml, choose two whole nicotine shots and thus, add 20ml to the bottle. In this way, you will obtain 48ml and 60ml, respectively. Close the bottle, shake well and enjoy delicious vape pleasure! Due to possible flavor fading, we recommend to store the flask in a cool, dry and dark place.

Shake n Vape nicotine strengths

  • 0mg nicotine - contains no nicotine
The nicotine content of our eLiquids refers to the milliliter.

the right nicotine strength As a heavy smoker with a small refillable e-cigarette, nicotine strengths between 12mg and 18mg may be an option. The more steam your device produces, the less nicotine your e-Liquid should contain. If you consume less than one pack a day, 6mg should be a good middle course for you. If you are a non-smoker, you should definitely stick to an eLiquid with 0mg nicotine.

maximum quality

maximum quality

Products in pharmacopoeia quality are used exclusively for the production of e-liquids. Every delivery of raw materials is meticulously checked. Our employees are trained by TÜV Süd. Thus we offer our steamers maximum safety and highest quality.

Prices of our Liquids

Thanks to our consistent raw material testing and meticulous working methods, quality is not just a buzzword for us, but an experience. Despite first-class products at the highest level, we can keep the prices for our eLiquids in the mid-price segment.

Mix Shake and Vape with nicotine shots.

To get the right amount of nicotine you want to vaporize, your Shake and Vape Liquids must be filled up with nicotine shots.

Mixing table for Shake & Vape 40ml yields 60ml

Desired nicotine strength

Nicotine Shots 18mg/ml

Proportion of nicotine-free base

0 mg

0 ml

20 ml

1,5 mg

5 ml

15 ml

3,0 mg

10 ml

10 ml

4,5 mg

15 ml

5 ml

6,0 mg

20 ml

0 ml

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aussergewöhnlicher tropischer Geschmack, schnelle Lieferung, und ein extra Punkt für das Selbermischen... So mag ich das.
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super super super supr lecker
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muss mal ausprobieren ob das auch als echter Smoothie so toll schmeckt wie die Dampferversion hier!! Kann man ja direkt als Rezept verwenden...
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Exotik auf höchstem Niveau.
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schmeckt mir himmlisch das Angel Liquid
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Ingredients, safety instructions & FAQ Angel Liquid | Shake and Vape

FAQ - eLiquids

Which e-liquid is the right one for me?

We offer a great variety of different liquids. The choice of an e-liquid depends on personal preferences and situations in which one would like to vape. Whether you prefer sweet or fruit liquids or love menthol or tobacco tastes, we have the right one for every taste.

What do the e-liquids consist of?

Basically, the e-liquids consist of propylene glycol, glycerin, food flavors and optionally nicotine. The flavoring is the ingredient responsible for the individual taste of each liquid.

How can I tell the liquid tank is going to be empty?

If the tank is at the end, less vapor is produced is produced and the taste fades. A burnt taste as well as a dry hit may occur. You should then fill the tank again. Make sure you never vape an empty e-cigarette!

Which nicotine strength is right for me?

This question can only be answered individually. Depending on your (former) smoking habits, you can adjust the nicotine level of your e-cig to match that of your tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine content is indicated in mg/ ml. Strong smokers often use 18 mg/ ml, whereas occasional smokers use 6mg/ ml.

How do I store the e-liquids?

Keep the e-liquids out of the reach of children and animals. Store the e-liquid in a cool, dry and dark place. Sun exposure can lead to changes such as flavor fading.

Are e-liquids healthier than smoking?

It’s healthiest to neither smoke nor vape. But, unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes, vaping does not produce any harmful substances, as various studies have shown. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with cardiovascular diseases should not smoke or vape.

Sind Sie fündig geworden?

Jeder Dampfer probiert zunächst verschiedene Liquids bis er zu seinen Favoriten gelangt oder mischt sich selbst eigene Kreationen. Seien Sie mutig und Sie werden feststellen, dass Geschmäcker, die auf den ersten Blick nicht zusammenpassen, sich oft zu einer einzigartigen und faszinierenden Komposition verbinden. Sollten Sie das gewünschte eLiquid nicht gefunden haben oder sich unsicher sein, beraten wir Sie gerne vor Ort in einer unserer beiden Shops in München.