New flavors for liquids

New flavours for self-mixing of eLiquids for the e-cigarette.

  • The American Blend aroma is a light tobacco with a fine chocolate note. Because not all tobacco is the same.

  • The luxurious taste of the prickly pear, fresh kiwi and sweet strawberry is in the new Angel Liquid from the Fill Up range for easy self-mixing!

  • Leaving fragrant fruit clouds behind, the broad taste of the sweet apricot ripened in the sun pampers the taste buds with the apricot aroma.

  • A fresh sweet cherry like you've never tasted before! Natural and tasty intensive our Asian Cherry Aroma

  • If you haven't found YOUR ALL DAY LIQUID yet then we have mixed it for you now! Our AtomiX RockZ Fill Up!

  • Bang Juice Echo Foxtrot  eine süß Cremigie Misschung aus Kokosmilch und Blütenzucker verührt in Vanilleschmand und verfeinert mit Mandelsplittern.

  • It´s Tea Time! Now typically English, black tea with a dash of milk. Balanced and smooth our Black Tea with Milk Fill Up!

  • The invigorating taste of black tea with a dash of lemon will sweeten your day!
  • If you haven't found YOUR ALL DAY LIQUID yet then we have mixed it for you now! Our Blue Raspberry Slush Fill Up!

  • Fresh juicy lard pastry. Baked and turned into cinnamon and sugar. Simply a pleasure!

  • Churros! Churros! Churros! Where you look, it sells. Also with my-eLiquid, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar!

  • Freshly brewed cafe with a fine tobacco taste. Lightly sweetened for the perfect start to the day.

  • Freshly brewed cafe with a fine tobacco taste. Lightly sweetened for the perfect start to the day.

  • You want it you get it! Finally you can dose your freshness by yourself, thanks to our Cooling Aroma you can now decide how fresh you want it.

  • Have you tried several Donut Liquids but the right mixture was not there? Then we have for you the infinitely good full-bodied taste of the donut aroma!

  • Der Sommer kann kommen! Das neue Fill Up erfrischt euch und hilft euch beim relaxen!

  • Anyone can make a simple orange, now it's fresh! Sweet orange kisses ice cream, a dream for every day!

  • The donut didn't leave us alone either! It must be juicy and sweet! Filled with a cinnamon vanilla cream, who can resist?
  • Our Good Morning Fill UP Aroma with its particularly aromatic and pleasantly sweet milky coffee taste provides the perfect start to the day.
  • Relax and switch off. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Green Tea refined with fruits.

  • You've looked everywhere for it? Then you have now found the Non Plus Ultra! Green Tea Aroma naturally left to refine yourself.

  • Nothing other than the perfect combination of fully ripe mango, ✓ sun-kissed Orangen✓ and silky soft yoghurt. ✓  

  • Our Hai-Bo Banana Aroma with its very intense fruit taste gives you back a bit of childhood.

  • With our new Fill Up Aroma almost all your wishes have been fulfilled! Now to the Harmony Stress away aroma: There are stress people - and there are us. That's why we've developed a juicy stress killer for those who have a lot of stress. A mixture of valuable power fruits rounded off with cinnamon, cherry, apple, raspberry and black currant provides a natural stress reduction feeling and makes the Crazy Vaper - Harmony the ideal alarm clock for body, mind and soul. So, eyes open and through. The next stress is sure to come! As a filling, it is up to you to decide which base you fill. 48 ml are necessary for the base. Either 1x our bundle offer or simply buy an additional zero base, fill, shake and 60 ml of delicious ready-to-use liquid is ready! Scope of supply: 1x 12 ml Harmony Stress away aroma in 60 ml Chubby bottle.

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Our top Aromas Recommendations

  • The queen of spices captivates in our vanilla aroma with her royal, deliciously sweet and very intense taste of finest, finely selected vanilla.

  • The icy coolness of frosty glacial ice provides irresistible freshness: our ice candy aroma refreshes, cools and tastes - you have to try it!

  • Selected flavours of the finest wild berries become DIY Aroma for e-Liquids in the wild berry to a composition that inspires everyone who likes it fruity sweet.

  • This is pure magic: Let yourself be enchanted by our dreamlike Magic Purge and its deliciously unique fusion of strawberry, blueberry and menthol!

  • Our My-Tide Aroma combines the fruity taste of rolled-up, pink chewing gum from childhood with a pleasantly refreshing, cool menthol note!

  • An unbeatable team: In our delicious Bottermelk Fresh Aroma delicious creamy buttermilk meets the pleasant taste of mildly sour lemons!


Which aroma tastes best?

This question can only be answered by you. It is often worth combining different flavours. The personal taste depends on various influences and experiences. In this way, the right eLiquid aroma becomes a subjective sensation. In summer, an orange flavour refreshes with a menthol note. In winter, baked apple, cinnamon or sugar cookie fit much better.

Which eLiquid do you want to steam today?

Which eLiquid tastes best is probably the most exciting question for all steamers. The possibility of using the right eLiquid for every occasion and every mood automatically results from the variety of different flavours. Tobacco taste or rather fruity eLiquid? Menthol Kick or Drinks Aroma? Only you can answer this question yourself.

Did you find what you were looking for?

It is perfectly normal for a steamer to try different aromas until it reaches its personal favorites list. This requires your creativity: mix and combine different flavours and you will find that flavours that don't match at first sight often combine into a unique and fascinating composition. If you have not found the aroma you are looking for or are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on site in one of our two shops in Munich.

What do the aromas contain?

All flavours from my-eLiquid are offered exclusively from purely German production. The flavours of my-eLiquid, with the exception of tobacco flavours, are all food flavours. We also ensure that an eco-label is awarded. Although these are flavours used in the food industry, you should only use the my-eLiquid flavours for your eLiquids. If you have intolerances or allergies to certain foods such as nuts, you may also be allergic to the flavour. All our flavours are free of sugar, gluten and lactose. In addition, our flavours do not contain any colourings.

What are the advantages over the tobacco cigarette?

Steaming offers many advantages over smoking. Smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette causes combustion processes, which can cause cancer. This does not apply to smoking: lower temperatures only vaporize the liquids. Numerous studies have also shown that vaporization is much less harmful than smoking. If you switch to vaporization, your environment will also be happy: cigarette smoke, which is often perceived as very annoying and persistent, will no longer be present. Steaming leaves a pleasant, sweet scent, which is described as very pleasant. Your wallet will also be happy, because steaming is much cheaper than smoking.

What can the aromas be mixed with?

You can mix the aromas with a ready-mixed liquid of my-eLiquid to change and refine the taste according to your preferences. For example, many customers choose menthol flavours to give the liquid a fresh taste. However, you can use any flavour of your choice. You can also create your own liquid with a DIY Base of my-eLiquid and one or more flavours. This allows you to determine intensity, sweetness and taste again and again. Self-mixing may take more time, but it's also fun every time you curiously test the newly created taste!

What are the payment and shipping options?

For customers from Germany the dispatch is free with a commodity value starting from 50€. With an order value under 50€ 4.10€ incl. VAT will be charged for shipping. If you want to order to Austria, 9.90€ shipping costs apply for the shipments. Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all our products from my-eLiquid are ready for shipment within 2 working days. Shipping is handled by DHL. The shipping time within Germany is usually 2 to 3 working days. You can pay in advance via paypal or by bank transfer. Please indicate the order number when making a bank transfer.