That’s for sure: the BO One is the optical supermodel amongst the e-cigarettes at the moment. But what about its skills? We took a close look at the BO and its accessories…

BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review

What is included in the BO One set?


First of all, the focus is on the set’s core, which is, of course, the BO One e-cigarette. It is available in silver or black. A small USB port for charging the device is included. The set also features two free liquid caps. In addition, we ordered the BO Cable and the power box so you can charge the e-cig to go. Besides, we opted for four additional liquid caps which are delivered in a pack of three each.

Our first impression

BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review | Unboxing

With only 22 grams, the BO is extremely light and measures just 10 centimeters in height. It looks a bit like a fancy version of a USB stick. In any case, the BO makes a very high-quality impression and has a really noble look as the edges are soft shaped. It fits perfectly in the hand, feels good and definitely can fit in any pocket. Unlike other e-cigarettes, you don’t fill any liquid in a tank. There is no tank. Instead, the disposable liquid cap itself is the tank. They contain 1.5ml of various flavors and are replaced when being empty. The caps come in different colors depending on their taste. As they are packed in blisters in a cardboard box, the package reminds of a medical one, which is a quite funny optical highlight. The external charging station is black, but BO Vaping offers different leather covers in other colors if you wish to change the look. The cable is 70cm long and promises pass-through vaping which means that you can vape while your e-cigarette is charging.


Let’s get started…

BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review | Accessories set

Although a manual is delivered, the use is quite self-explanatory from the very beginning. You simply put the caps on which are tank and mouthpiece at the same time. Done. Although BO Vaping promises that the caps are leak-proof, they do leak if you put them on and remove them again and again. So be aware that you should keep the cap on the body. Otherwise the seal gets hurt easily. The transparent part of the liquid cap vanishes inside the e-cig’s body which is a bit unpractical because you can’t see the liquid level. As mentioned before, the upper part of the cap serves as the mouthpiece. This seems to be very hygienic due to regular cap replacement.

When the device is ready, an LED lights up. The inhaling feeling is a pleasant one as it reminds of a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, airflow cannot be controlled individually. Cloud production is also similar to a conventional cigarette. If you’re interested in tricks and cloud chasing, this product is, of course, unsuitable. During inhaling, the LEDs light up in blue, red or white, depending on your inhaling behavior. As the BO is made in France, the producers certainly did not choose the colors of the Tricolore coincidentally…

One day with the BO

BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review | with cable

The battery power of 310mAh/ 380 puffs is normally enough for one day. Together with the BO, a small USB adapter similar to a socket is delivered, on which you can simply put the device. This is practical, but not for travelling. That’s why we ordered also the BO Power Bank which we used on the first day. The concept of the power bank is quite simple: The e-cigarette is inserted into the rather inconspicuous box, so that it is mostly hidden. That saves space which is particularly suitable for everyday use. The charging station has a capacity of 1500 mAh and BO Vaping promises it to last for four charging cycles. With the BO charging cable, which we ordered additionally, you can also vape during the charging process.


BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review | BO Caps

Now the most important thing: the taste. The BO caps come without labelling, but with a color code instead. All flavors are produced by J WELL and are available nicotine-free as well as in 8 or 16mg/ml. The PG/ VG ratio is 50/50. There are several flavor types out of the categories tobacco, fruit, gourmand and mint. One disadvantage is that you cannot guess the flavor from the creative names. The type MI5, which was included in the set, was said to taste like “classical tobacco”, but we were surprised that it tasted much lovelier and more exciting than we’d assumed. We ordered also the type “Gold RX”, also a tobacco liquid that should taste like tobacco and gingerbread. This was our favorite! The other free cap was “Arctical” which had a really long-lasting and very intense menthol note – too intense for the ones who don’t like mint or menthol types. Of course: many men, many minds. But generally, J WELL has created some interesting flavor blends that cannot be found elsewhere on the market.


The technology

BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review | Bo Power


User-friendliness is the main focus of the BO’s technology. You can simply start vaping without having to make any settings or adjustments. Therefore, this product is perfect for beginners and vapers who like it uncomplicated. What is good for many could also be the main problem for others: the BO is definitely not suitable for vapers who love to build their own coils etc. The coils are made of stainless steel and Fiber Freaks are used for wick material. The fact that the taste of the previous liquid could remain stuck for a long time is no problem with the BO anyway, as the caps are completely replaced. Since the liquid level cannot be checked, we feared to get a dry hit at some point, but this did not happen. Only taste and vape will fade once the cap is empty.


Our conclusion for the  BO One review:

BO ONE Set | Bo Vaping | Review Conclusion | Bo ONE

The BO is not only visually appealing, but also offers tasty and uncomplicated vaping. The flavors can be exchanged quickly and easily and no deeper knowledge of e-cigarettes is required. Unfortunately, the battery runs out quickly, which requires either frequent charging at home or an additional purchase of the Power Box. The purchase of accessories such as charging station, cables and caps means of course many additional costs, but this is still cheaper than a pack of cigarettes every day. As the caps are disposable, it is not very environment friendly. The BO and its accessories are very well manufactured and make a high-quality impression. Our conclusion: the BO has a pleasant inhaling behavior, intense liquids and is absolutely easy to use! Those who like it uncomplicated will love the BO.


  • Mehr Unabhängigkeit für den gesamten Tag bietet Ihnen die BO Power Ladestation mit integriertem Magnet USB Port, mit der Sie die BO bis zu 3mal aufladen können.