Vaping – as popular as never before

The reasons why someone would like to start vaping are different. A very common reason, however, is the decision to switch from conventional tobacco cigarettes to the much less harmful alternative, the e-cigarette. The fact that smoking causes enormous health damages has reached a very large number of people. Especially the many combustion products can be avoided by vaping as the temperatures are lower and these products aren’t produced.

This knowledge is combined with a very reasonable trend of our time: it’s never been so important to look after one’s own health and body before. So it’s no wonder that apart from the fitness boom the e-cigarette has also become more popular. Anyone who is willing to stop smoking and switch to vaping has earned great respect. But despite all your good intentions, there are some things you should consider when buying your first e-cigarette. Otherwise you could be disappointed and grabbing just one little cigarette could become too tempting again…



Before making a rash purchase of any e-cigarette, it is important to ask yourself these questions in order to find a suitable model based on the answers.

  1. How many cigarettes have I smoked per day?
  2. Which nicotine strength is necessary for my e-liquid based on my daily cigarette consumption?
  3. How important are design and appearance of the device to me?
  4. In which situation do I want to vape (only at home, to go, on parties…)?
  5. How much am I willing to invest?

The first two points, of course, only concern (ex) smokers. All non-smokers should refrain from vaping a nicotine-containing liquid! Nicotine is a very addictive substance. The e-cigarette’s design is important to all of us, but you should decide individually whether other functions are less important to you in favor of a nicer appearance.

Point 4 relates to the battery power. If you wish to vape on the go all day long you should choose a small, handy device with a high battery capacity. It is also wise to buy two batteries/two models for the beginning, so that the battery doesn't run out of power unexpectedly and you smoke a cigarette out of frustration. Finally, the price does play a major role. There are e-cigarettes in all price categories and often, but not always, a higher price is associated with better quality and longer life. Whatever your decision may be, the cost of vaping is definitely lower than a pack of cigarettes every day.

Hands off!

If you think that so-called “ciga-likes” are a good choice, we must disappoint you. These are e-cigarettes that look similar to a normal cigarette, but are far too weak and have no satisfying inhaling behavior. Additionally, they are expensive for their bad quality. Actually, cigalikes have the opposite effect, that the consumer who is disappointed by e-cigarettes will never touch an e-cigarette again. For this reason, you should not opt for such a model, but buy an e-cigarette from a well-known manufacturer instead.


So many products – which one to choose?

Many e-cigarette distributors now offer a category "e-cigarettes for beginners" or "e-cigarette sets". These products already contain everything you need for a smooth and easy start. This means that the components do not have to be bought individually while respecting the compatibility with each other. In addition, these devices are all easy to use, which means that no knowledge of watt and voltage settings is required. All you have to do is simply fill in the liquid, put the atomizer on and press the button. Simple handling always means limited setting possibilities, but at the beginning your focus will be rather on taste and inhaling. Another feature that should be considered when buying an e-cigarette set is whether the liquid can simply be filled into a tank. Many models have a so-called "top fill", which means that the liquid can simply be put into the tank from above. The battery is already integrated in most of the beginner models. Nevertheless, read the product description and make sure whether you have to buy a battery cell. This case is not a problem either, as you are safe with an additional battery cell. If vaping during the charging process is possible, the term “pass-through” must be named. Atomizers with an “airflow control” are suitable for experimenting with different inhaling methods. With these atomizers you can adjust the hit with different results. Mouth to lung vaping (taking the vapor into your mouth first before inhaling to lungs) is similar to tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, the flavor is more apparent. However, lower vapor is exhaled. Inhaling vapor directly into the lungs generates a larger vapor production, but may also cause coughing. Furthermore, the nicotine flash is stronger. For this purpose, you should opt for low-resistance (sub-ohm) atomizerswhich have a resistance less than 1.

One device that is easy to use but still quite powerful is the "PockeX Pocket AIO" from Aspire. With a battery power of 1500 mAh it lasts the whole day and the resistance of 0.6 Ohm ensures a good vapor development.

The models of the "K" line from Aspire are also suitable for beginners. With increasing numbers (K2 to K4) battery power and resistance change. Another advantage is that a replacement atomizer is always included in the set. As atomizers are wearing parts, they should be replaced regularly.

For those of you who value design and user-friendliness, the BO One by BO Vaping is good choice. As it works with disposable liquid caps you don’t need to fill the liquid in any tank. The caps are available in different flavors and must be replaced when empty.

Joyetech's eGo AIO Starter Set is available in a wide range of colors and, like the PockeX, comes with good power and at the same time many features, such as tank lighting in different colors.

Conclusion: What should I consider as a beginner?

In summary, the perfect e-cigarette for beginners is easy to find if the following points are considered:

  1. You should by a set. This way, you won’t get annoyed and can start vaping right away.
  2. If you wish to use the device all day long, a powerful battery is necessary.
  3. Rather buy a spare part too early than too late. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to vape because of a missing part.
  4. Inhaling behavior/ hit can be different to normal cigarettes. Airflow Control ensures individual settings.
  5. First of all, the main focus should be on user-friendliness; there is enough time for experimenting once you get used to vaping.
  6. Making the switch may be difficult at the very beginning. But keep on, it is really worth it!


All products for beginners can be found here: e-cigarettes for beginner

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