On 13.09.2017, the my-eLiquid team welcomed Mister Dr. Gregor Gysi, the former leader of the German party “Die Linke”.

Despite Mr. Gysi’s very busy schedule during the election phase, he took the time to discuss health and environment relating issues with us. For several months now, there has been a lively communication between Gysi and my-eLiquid about these topics.

Gregor Gysi visits my-eliquid e-cigarettes News

Many manufacturers of e-liquids have been confronted with numerous restrictions and bans on the distribution of their products recently. Since then, Dr. Gysi, a lawyer and left-wing politician, has been supporting us in the fight for legal clarity and equal opportunities in the European e-cigarette market. His efforts even lead to the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, who was informed by Dr. Gysi himself about the issues we worked on together.

Gregor Gysi visits my-eliquid e-zigaretten News

The second focus of the joint meeting was on environmental protection which is one of the key concerns of Gysi’s party. Due to legal regulations, nicotine-containing liquids may not be sold in containers above 10ml anymore. This leads to additional plastic waste in an enormous way as smaller bottles are sold more often. Although my-eLiquid is a profit-oriented company we do care about the increasing environmental pollution. That is why we continue to take action against such outdated and obviously unreasonable regulations!

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