Tobias Bielmeier - Shop Leiter my-eLiquid Shop Muenchen

In order to give you not only an overview of our shop, but also a small foretaste, which class service you can expect, we introduce you to the shop manager and wrapping king of the first My-eLiquid offline shop for e-cigarettes, bases and liquids at Boschetsrieder Straße 118 in Munich.

On the search for an employee, who not only has a sales talent, but also meets the high quality demands of my-eLiquid, we found Tobi more than 6 months ago.

We already knew in advance that he knows his way around. It quickly became clear that he was not only a passionate steamer, but that his knowledge of e-cigarette hardware was far beyond our expectations and a normal level. Tobias turned out to be a hardcore hardware specialist. His professional competence made the step to our offline store much easier.

This concentrated competence, from which all visitors can only benefit in the context of excellent customer service, has the potential to turn the shop into a new star on the Munich steamship sky.

The cornerstones - quality, service and care - which make my-eLiquid the leading liquid manufacturer for e-cigarettes, correspond absolutely to the values embodied by Tobias Bielmeier.

With tender 16 years Tobi began its career with a training to the carpenter, however it changed already after 2 years the occupation to the specialist within the range protection and security. Not working to full capacity, Tobias looked for new challenges, which he found between the age of 19 and 29 as a mechatronics technician.

The technical previous knowledge and its hobby to build models with combustion engine brought it large advantages regarding the e-Zigarette. By his experiences as salesman in several e-Zigaretten specialized shops he could participate substantially in the planning, organization and conversion of the first my-eLiquid Offlineshops.

You can find out who Tobi is, what special features await us and what else he has to say in the interview.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: Hello Tobi, how does it feel for you that the store has finally opened its doors?

Tobi: It feels damn good. A rocky road has finally come to an end and I can hardly wait to welcome all the new customers.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: I can understand that very well. Was the long wait worth it?

Tobi: In any case! The shop has become unique. I've been to many steamer shops in Munich, but nobody can keep up with the ambience and atmosphere. It's a piece of art.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: You say it's a piece of art, but what does an e-cigarette shop have to do with art?

Tobi: The question is easily answered. Vintage, industrial and western looks combined to create a unique walk-in work of art. Right from the start, we paid attention to artistic details.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: All this sounds like big goals?

Tobi: Big and realistic goals. My personal goal is to offer an e-cigarette shop in Munich where there is fair and individual advice without having to be under pressure to sell anything. It is important to me that the customer goes home satisfied with a suitable device or liquid instead of regretting the purchase after a few hours and never coming back.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: Can't you get fair and individual advice from other e-cigarette shops in Munich?

Tobi: Of course you can also get such advice in other specialty stores. But when I see beginners with an overjoyed smile walking out of a steamer shop, all holding the same device in their hands, it was certainly not individual advice. I don't want to judge fairness.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: What would you like to do better than in other shops when giving advice in the my-eLiquid shop?

Tobi: As a former smoker, I know which factors are important in addition to cigarette consumption per day. The decisive factor in choosing the right device is in which situations the customer smokes and why. With this information I can give more precise advice. I then make the recommendation based on my many years of experience with the e-cigarette. In principle, I test each device for several days in order to be able to form my own opinion. This allows me to explain the advantages and disadvantages to the customer in detail.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: I can imagine that it takes a lot of time to test every product.

Tobi (grins): That's how it is with my-eLiquid. Before the products are sold to the customer, we put our employees through their paces. That simply belongs to it. I can't sell a device to a customer that I'm not convinced of myself. You always get a clear and honest opinion from me and that includes a recommendation.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: Ideally, it should be like this everywhere. How did you get started at all?

Tobi (indulging in memories): That was about 3 years ago. I loved smoking Shisha until the salesman at my regular store recommended trying the X-EO e-Shisha. At that time with a 0mg nicotine in the liquid. I felt that was a real alternative to the real Shisha.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: As you can see, you didn't stay with the e-Shisha. How did it go on?

Tobi: After the e-Shisha had already convinced me, I wanted to get more involved with the topic. My curiosity then became so great that I also wanted to try out the e-cigarette. I went thereupon to the at that time only Offlineshop in Munich and bought me an e-cigarette, which was still equipped with a negative pressure sensor. (Pride) The had 350 mAh capacity and an LED at the Akkurand. Those were still times at that time :) In the meantime a lot has changed.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: What was your first liquid that you steamed?

Tobi: It was a blueberry liquid with 18mg nicotine.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: As we know, you don't buy liquids anymore, but mix them yourself... Why did you start mixing your liquids yourself?

Tobi: Back then there wasn't the same variety of tastes as today and at some point I wanted to steam something other than the blueberry liquid. So I started to mix my e-Liquids myself. My first liquid aroma was AdmoSlap Blue Raspberry. After 3 days ripening time it simply tasted cool. Unfortunately, the aroma is no longer there.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: Yes, the e-cigarette market is very fast moving. Where we are with the topic DIY Liquids, what was your first self-winder?

Tobi: My first self-wrapping evaporator was the Steam Turbine, which is no longer available on the market. Compared to today's self-wrapping evaporators it was of course not very advanced. But it had convinced me completely at that time.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: I think every steamboat feels nostalgic when it thinks of its first unit. Who taught you how to wrap and how long did it take for you to wrap so well?

Tobi (grins): One week. During the week I started wrapping, I had a late shift and watched videos about wrapping on Youtube every day 6 hours before the shift. At some point I literally got the hang of it.

My-eLiquid Redaktion: That sounds like real enthusiasm.

Tobi: Yes, it was and still is. Back then, I was completely addicted to the have-good virus, which is why I now have a wealth of experience that I can use in the shop. My technical talent and the fascination with hobby model making helped me a lot when it came to diapers. Meanwhile I also make my own wires and wrap them in my sleep or shortly before a test. :)

My-eLiquid Redaktion: Well, you wrap in your sleep. Do you want to show us your winding skills under time pressure?

Tobi: Of course, I love challenges. I also have self made wire here. But you stop the time!

My-eLiquid Redaktion: Here we go...........

Fertig Wicklung nach 1:32 Minuten - Tobi Bielmeier

...........1 minute and 32 seconds later.

Tobi: Well, how fast was I?

My-eLiquid Redaktion: 1:32 minutes.

Tobi(laughs): Then I was slower than usual. I love the wrapping deck of the Vape Smith Grip Royal Tröpfler. Easy and pleasant to wrap.

Tobias Bielmeier - Shop Leiter my-eLiquid Shop Muenchen - Wicklung

My-eLiquid Redaktion:You'll have to do that in your time and we should probably start a contest here :). Let's come back to the shop again. With which motto do you go as a shop manager into the shop?

Tobi: A fair and high-quality consultation stands before the conversion. Everyone should leave the store with a good feeling. Including me.

My-eLiquid Redaktion:Wow, that's what I call a strong motto. In this sense I thank you for the interview and your openness. I wish you a good start in the first Offlineshop of my-eLiquid.

Tobi: Thank you as well. Anytime.