Aaron Tillmann - Trick Vaper - AMT-VAPE

We have interviewed Aaron Tillmann alias AMT-VAPE, one of the best German trick vapers. The very likeable professional vaper talked with us about personal things and, of course his passion.

If you want to learn which coils are best for trick vaping, what’s the perfect ratio for trick vape liquids or how much practice you need, you should take a few minutes.

my-eLiquid editors: Hey Aaron, what’s up? Is there any news from the vaper king?

AMT-VAPE: I’m very curious to see what will happen when I start my traineeship as a chemistry laboratory assistant in September. Apart from that, I’m at Ayhan’s Vaper Café in Duisburg on 16 April to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, where I will perform some live vape tricks. I am always looking forward to meeting new people and celebs from the vaping community.

my-eLiquid editors: Just between you and me, how long have you been practicing Vape tricks?

AMT-VAPE: How long? Wow, that’s actually a good question. I have been practicing vaping tricks on an intense level for two years now. Before that, I didn’t know what kinds of tricks are possible with vapor and I was just making rings for fun, without exercising.

my-eLiquid editors: How long did it take till you could make the first rings with vapor?

AMT-VAPE: I used to smoke hookah before, so after buying my first e-cigarette I started with the rings quickly. However, I did this with a completely different technique than today.

my-eLiquid editors: Do you exercise alone or with trick vaping friends?

AMT-VAPE: Unfortunately alone! Trick vaping in Germany is still in its infancy. This is a real pity, but will probably change soon, as the vaping community is growing. I hope that there will be a lot of people who will do some vape sessions with me in the near future.

my-eLiquid editors: How many hours do you exercise per week? Or per day?

AMT-VAPE: I always have my e-cigarette with me and as soon as I have a little time, I start vaping. Of course, I can’t vape at work or school, but there are always occasions and breaks where I can practice. So let’s say, on average I practice one hour per day.

my-eLiquid editors: Where do you get the ideas for new tricks from?

AMT-VAPE: I get most of the inspiration for new vape tricks on Instagram. I’m following some very good people from the USA and other countries, who really have a lot of talent.

my-eLiquid editors: Who are your role models of trick vaping?

AMT-VAPE: My favorites are Isaac Perez -  @ISAACVGOD | Anthony Weir - @vapetwan | Byron Datau - @a_kidz

my-eLiquid editors: Do you blend your own liquids?

AMT-VAPE: Actually, both. I always get new sample flavors as pre-mixed liquids. But I also have a lot of bases and flavors, so I prefer mixing my liquids myself.

my-eLiquid editors: Which ratio should I choose and why?

AMT-VAPE: For practicing, I recommend at least 90% glycerine (VG) and 10% propylene glycol (PG) and no water. You can even choose 100% glycerine for making videos or to impress people at parties. This makes the vapor very durable and dense. But it also tastes like old sneakers. The most important thing, however, is practicing!

my-eLiquid editors: Why no bi-distilled water?

AMT-VAPE: If you dilute liquids with water, the vapor gets thinner and doesn’t stay for a long time. That’s not good for making tricks.

my-eLiquid editors: Doesn’t that make an awfully scratchy throat?

AMT-VAPE: No, it doesn’t, up to 3mg nicotine or unless you don’t take a very unusual flavor. It does make an itchy throat if you vape below 0.1 Ohms. But nobody really does this, except cloud chasers who want to blow really huge vape clouds.

my-eLiquid editors: Can’t I vape this way with any e-cigarette or any device?

AMT-VAPE: (laughs) hell, no. I don't know exactly which tanks can handle it, because I don't use tank atomizers anymore, but generally you should use drippers.

my-eLiquid editors: Let’s be honest: trick vaping with or without nicotine?

AMT-VAPE: In daily life, I’m vaping with nicotine because vaping has replaced smoking for me, but when I’m practicing, I go for liquids without nicotine. Otherwise, it stresses my circulation too much. That’s what the paramedic in me says.

my-eLiquid editors: If I want to mix my own liquids for vape tricks, what should I keep in mind?

AMT-VAPE: I’ve already told you the most before ;) You should be aware not to mix with flavoring concentrates that require a high ratio. Max. 15% flavor.

my-eLiquid editors: Why is it so important for vape tricks?

AMT-VAPE: Because flavors lower the glycerine ratio and the desired 90/ 10 mix cannot be kept up. So you tend to have 80/ 20 ratio instead and this makes the vapor thinner and less durable.

my-eLiquid editors: Keyword coils: what are the best coils for vape tricks?

AMT-VAPE: For practicing, I use a 0.4 Kanthal wire with a diameter of 2.5mm, 5 coils in a dual coil atomizer. For videos, I prefer a 0.5 Kanthal wire with a diameter of 2mm and 9 coils. But as always: practice is more important than coiling!

my-eLiquid editors: Why do you make a difference between videos and practice?

AMT-VAPE: Well, the 0.5 wire produces extremely thick vapor that I need for the videos. But it gets hot quite quickly and tastes rather suboptimal. The other one is a nice balance between taste and vape ratio, which is more suitable for practicing.

my-eLiquid editors: How many Ohms and Watts do you recommend for durable vapor?

AMT-VAPE: With my mech mod I go below 0.3 Ohm to kick it decently. As a beginner, you can't really do anything wrong with a digital mod because you can regulate it perfectly. But the most important thing is to practice and try it out!

my-eLiquid editors: Why only mech mods?

AMT-VAPE: I only use tubes because they have a better grip. You can inhale, then flip it between your fingers and immediately start making tricks, like bending. They are simply the easiest to handle. For me it feels like they're firing faster, but that's just a feeling I guess.

my-eLiquid editors: What do you think about the trick vaping community in Germany?

AMT-VAPE: In one word: underserved. I would be very happy about more competitors and associates.

my-eLiquid editors: Is there anything you would like to say to the trick vapers in Germany?

AMT-VAPE: Practice, practice, practice! And never give up if you don’t rule the tricks right at the beginning.

my-eLiquid editors: What are the next tricks you would like to learn?

AMT-VAPE: At the moment, I'm more likely to upgrade the tricks that I already know, than learning new ones. The "Shark Split" is still a must have for me. I also try to come up with many ideas of my own.

my-eLiquid editors: When will AMT's Vape Trick Tutorials be back?

AMT-VAPE: Everything is already shot, but the editing takes a while. Not for long! Really! I promise!

my-eLiquid editors: Concluding words to the community and don't say “practicing, practicing!”?

AMT-VAPE: Make vape tricking more famous, make the community bigger, show what you can and don’t forget to practice J Vape on and have fun!

my-eLiquid editors: Thank you very much for the interview!

AMT-VAPE: You’re welcome. Anytime again!


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