Liquids selbst mischen | Tutorial

Mixing liquids yourself - a recipe

The world of steaming is characterised by individuality and offers a huge variety of tastes. And that's exactly why creating your own liquids is so much fun! Surely you have wondered how this or that liquid would taste in combination with a certain aroma. Now is the time to find out! Here comes our DIY Liquid recipe.

Mixing liquids yourself is no more difficult than baking an apple pie. You need the right ingredients, the right equipment and of course the mixing ratios.

Mix the ingredients for the liquid yourself:

1st bases:

Liquid Base 0mg - 50 / 50 - selbst mischen

First the Basen  are needed. These consist of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). While PG binds the taste better, i.e. provides a more intensive aroma, VG is primarily responsible for dense steam development. For the beginning it is advisable to choose a 50/50 mixing ratio. Bases are already available with the desired nicotine strength.

2nd nicotine concentrate:

Nikotin Shots 20mg - Selbst Mischen mit Base

If you want a nicotine-containing liquid and no nicotine is added to the base, you need highly concentrated nicotine, for example in the form of Nikotin-Shots.

3. Flavours:

Aromen zum Liquid selber mischen

The core component of the self-mixed liquid is, of course, its taste. The Aromen  are also highly concentrated liquids which must not be steamed pure. The proportion of aromas should be between 1 % and 10 %, although a smaller proportion should be used initially. It is still possible to season.

Mix accessories to the liquid yourself:

1. Empty liquid bottles:

Liquid Flaschen - Leer - Zum Mischen

A few more Flaschen won't hurt, as it may take longer to clean the bottles for a new liquid.

2. Mixing container:

Messbecher & Zylinder zum Liquids selbst mischen

These measuring cups & cylinders can remind you of a chemical laboratory according to your wishes and professionalism.

3. Syringes and cannulas for dosing:

Spritzen & Kanülen - Dosierung Liquids Aromen

With the help of syringes, the desired quantities can be easily removed, read off and a successful liquid reproduced.

4. gloves:

Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin and for this reason gloves are advisable.

Instructions for mixing the liquid yourself:

Before we start with the step-by-step instructions, we would like to remind you that you may want to reproduce your liquid. For this reason it is advisable to take small notes with the quantities or to create your own small recipe book. Note that the smaller your desired final volume, the more difficult it will be to avoid inaccuracies or measurement errors. And off you go!

Liquids selbst mischen | Base

1. find out the desired amount of nicotine:

This only applies if the base has not yet contained nicotine. The calculation is simple, but with wrong amounts the experiment can turn out unsightly.

(target base in ml) : (nicotine in mg/ml) x (desired nicotine strength in mg) = nicotine amount

Example (1):

In order to produce 100 ml base with 20 mg nicotine shots, you need for a desired nicotine strength of 3 mg: 100/ 20 x 3 = 15 à 15 ml nicotine shot and 85 ml base

Example (2):

To make 50 ml base with 20 mg nicotine shots, you need for a desired nicotine strength of 12 mg: 50/ 20 x 12 = 30 à 30 ml nicotine shot and 20 ml base

2. now we want to produce 10 ml liquid and put 10 ml base into the mixing container with the help of the syringe.

3. for the right amount of aroma a small calculation is necessary again:

(desired quantity in ml): 100 x aroma portion = aroma quantity in ml

Example (1):

In order to provide 10 ml desired quantity with 5 % aroma, one therefore needs:
10/ 100 x 5 = 0.5 ml aroma calculated differently 10*0.05 = 0.5 ml aroma

Example (2):

In order to provide 50 ml desired quantity with 3 % aroma, one needs:
50/ 100 x 3 = 1.5 ml Aroma calculated differently 50*0.03 = 1.5 ml Aroma

4. since the aroma is a very small quantity, a syringe with a small unit, for example 1 ml, should be used to make it easier to read the quantity.

It should be remembered that it is better to add too little concentration first. A cannula is placed on the syringe for easier removal and the quantity of aroma calculated above is removed and put into the mixing container as a base. 5.

5. close the mixing container and shake it well, just like a cocktail.

6. the liquid is now poured into the empty bottle.

Neue Liquids selbst gemischt

If several Liquids are produced, it makes sense to label the vials or to add labels.

A new liquid was born! With some flavours it can be that they only develop their full flavour in the course of a few days of maturing, but most of the newly created liquids can be tried out and refined immediately.

Mixing liquids yourself requires some practice, but is not magic. Once you have added the basics, all you need is imagination, creativity and last but not least a large portion of curiosity about how the finished liquid tastes. Have fun mixing DIY Liquid!

7. small tip from the professional

(Stephan Steiner of my-eLiquid)

Surely you have made cocoa before and from experience we know that cocoa dissolves much better, faster and easier in warm milk.

How do I know which temperature is ideal?

That's easy, in the moment when the base easily generates steam, we have found the ideal temperature, which is around 60°C.

But don't heat the liquid any higher, we don't want to make it boil!

Don't worry, you can heat the total amount, the liquid won't get damaged and you can use the rest later.

8. liquid mixing tables

(to save yourself the trouble of calculating.)


Mixing table for 100ml base

Desired nicotine strength

Proportion of nicotine shots 20mg/ml

Proportion nicotine-free base

0 mg

0 ml

100,0 ml

1,5 mg

7,5 ml

92,5 ml

3,0 mg

15,0 ml

85,0 ml

4,5 mg

22,5 ml

77,5 ml

6,0 mg

30,0 ml

70,0 ml

7,5 mg

37,5 ml

62,5 ml

9,0 mg

45,00 ml

55,0 ml

10,5 mg

52,5 ml

47,5 ml

12,0 mg

60,0 ml

40,0 ml

13,5 mg

67,5 ml

32,5 ml

15,0 mg

75,0 ml

25,0 ml

16,5 mg

82,5 ml

17,5 ml

18,0 mg

90,0 ml

10,0 ml


Mixing table for Shake & Vape 40ml gives 60ml

Desired nicotine strength

Proportion of nicotine shots 18mg/ml

Proportion nicotine-free base

0 mg

0 ml

20 ml

1,5 mg

5 ml

15 ml

3,0 mg

10 ml

10 ml

4,5 mg

15 ml

5 ml

6,0 mg

20 ml

0 ml



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