All vapers are talking about the hot topic TPD2 and are getting more and more confused. But what is the so-called “TPD2” actually? And what changes for the customers?

TPD2 is a new tobacco regulation that was decided by the states of the European Union. This law has already been passed on 20 May 2016, however, a period of one year has been allowed for implementation, so that is has now been mandatory since 20 May 2017. That means that all products sold after this date must now be TPD2 compliant.

TPD2 – what has changed? Liquid bases with nicotine above 10ml only in base sets

Changes affecting customers regarding e-liquids and bases include the following:

In addition to the fact that containers must be child-proof and leak-proof, nicotine-containing liquids are now stricter regulated. A warning label about nicotine is now obligatory. Furthermore, liquids above a nicotine content of 20mg/ml must not be sold anymore since May.

All nicotine containing liquids may only be traded in containers or bottles of 10ml maximum. Therefore, if it was still allowed to use bases containing nicotine in 1 liter bottles before the regulation, this is no longer possible.

Isn’t there a lot more plastic waste resulting from the new law?

Of course, there is. As often, this regulation is to the disadvantage of Mother Nature and lacks, at least in this respect, any sense.

Are there possibilities to buy and mix the bases as usual?

Yes, there are. We have thought about ways how you can get the same nicotine level you’re used to in your base. You have two options:

  1. Base sets: Our base sets consist of a nicotine-free base and several 10ml nicotine shots with 20mg/ml each. To maintain the usual amount and desired nicotine content, you choose the volume of the base. As it is nicotine-free, it can be sold in any volume. You can also choose the desired nicotine content. We will send your required number of nic shots then, which you simply mix with the base. This way, you receive the same product as before.
  2. Base bundles: Our base bundles are sold in a pack of 10 bottles, each containing 10ml of base with nicotine. This way you get 100ml of your used nicotine strength.

Of course, both possibilities have various PG/ VG ratio options.

All products purchased before 20 May 2017 are legally purchased and thus legally owned. However, you should be careful with ordering from abroad where TPD2 is not mandatory. There is a risk that the products will be confiscated by the customs.

There are several rumors that even flavors are banned. This is just a rumor and simply not true! Only substances that are harmful to health may no longer be included for a long time.

That’s all the news in a nutshell. We hope that the regulatory confusion is a lot clearer now.

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