Enjoy elegant and unique taste: Colombia Chapter I liquid caps by BO Vaping enchant with the lovely combination of aromatic black tea and scented white peach.

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Description & Rating Colombia Chapter I - BO Liquid Caps - BO Vaping

Ingredients, safety instructions & FAQ Colombia Chapter I - BO Liquid Caps - BO Vaping

Description & Rating Colombia Chapter I - BO Liquid Caps - BO Vaping

  • Country of origin
  • Taste
    Black tea, white peach
  • Contents
    3 x 1,5ml BO Caps Colombia Chapter I

The liquid type Colombia Chapter I by BO Vaping is one of many gourmand flavors. The disposable caps each hold 1.5ml and are sold in a pack of three. Please choose your nicotine strength of 0mg, 8mg or 16mg per ml.

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Like It
My Daily Cap @Work
Wirklich angenehm
mag eigentlich alle bo caps gerne aber lande immer wieder bei dem hier weil ich den wirklich angenehm finde und nicht so aufdringlich
einer Meiner Favoriten
Schwanke immer zwischen diesem und den cafe con leche Caps sind beide super
Frisch und Süß!
Schmeckt man gut raus den Pfirsich! Frisch und Süß!
sehr gut
Schmeckt mir richtig gut, nicht zu süß und des Teearoma gut gemischt
Wer es fruchtig und nicht aufdringlich mag, ist mit diesem Pfirsich-Eistee-Liquid bestens aufgehoben. Kritiker sagen, es schmecke blumig. Das ist nicht ganz falsch. Die Franzosen haben einen besonderen Geschmack, was Liquids angeht. Ich finde die Komposition aber gerade deshalb sehr spannend. Sie hebt sich vom Einheitsbrei der Fruchtliquids wohltuend ab.

Ingredients, safety instructions & FAQ Colombia Chapter I - BO Liquid Caps - BO Vaping

Safety instructions – e-liquids

Risks of nicotine

Please be aware that nicotine is an addictive neurotoxin. Due to vascular changes, it can lead to severe cardiovascular diseases and even premature death. Nicotine has also a negative effect on potency. During pregnancy, nicotine must be avoided. It can cause severe damages to the unborn or even kill it. Please notice that taking the pill increases the risk of thrombosis and pulmonary embolism caused by nicotine.

Age over 18

E-Liquids may only be used by persons over 18 years of age. Keep liquids out of reach of children and animals. If accidental contact or ingestions should occur, consult a doctor immediately and present the product.

Not for consumption

The use of this product is at your own risk. Liquids are not intended for eating and drinking and should not have contact with food. In case of accidental contact, food is no longer edible. In case of eye or skin contact, rinse immediately with clear water and seek medical advice if symptoms persist.


The liquids contain the potential allergen propylene glycol. If you are allergic to propylene glycol (PG), the PG containing products should not be used. If you suffer from allergic symptoms like breathing difficulties, cough, rash etc., during vaping, discontinue use immediately. A medical examination is advisable.


Store your liquids in their original packaging in a cool, dry and dark place. Do not use the product after the expiration date or if visible physical changes, such as turbidity, deposition or layer decay, occur.

Ingredients - eLiquids

Depending on the product, our eLiquids may contain the following substances.

[E422] (VG) Glycerin (vegetable glycerin).
glycerin also occurs in: Cosmetics and animal feed.
[E1518] Glycerol triacetate is also called triacetin.
triacetin also occurs in: Chewing gum
[E1519] - Benzyl alcohol
Benzyl alcohol also occurs in: Jasmine flower oil, clove oil and other cosmetics.
[E1520] (PG) propylene glycol is also called 1,2-propanediol.
Propylene glycol also occurs in: Hygienic products and cosmetics
Ethanol is produced in fruits and juices as a natural product of alcoholic fermentation.