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Steam Steam Steamer Sets for Beginners and Professionals

Whether you've just started steaming or have been enthusiastic about it for some time, you'll find the right equipment here. We offer high-quality evaporators, battery carriers and the necessary accessories. The right hardware is essential for enjoyable and relaxed steaming and that's why we only supply brands that we trust and that have proven their worth.

Depending on your personal wishes and budget you will find what you are looking for here. Beginners can choose complete sets and all self-winders and tinkerers will find the necessary spare parts for their individual device.

Our top E-Cigarettes Beginner Recommendations

  • Das Gecko Set von J WELL vereint nicht nur clevere Leistungsfähigkeit, sondern auch robustes Design auf einem winzigen Power-Gerät von nicht einmal 10cm Größe.

  • Handliches und zugleich unglaublich ansprechendes Design mit raffinierter Technik schafft J WELL mit der Lumea, der kleinen, aber feinen Schwester der Lumea Box.

    Out of stock

  • Klein, aber oho! Während sich die Passy von J WELL locker in einer Handfläche verstecken kann, wartet sie mit dem Atlas V2 Verdampfer und voller Leistung auf!

    Out of stock

  • Dieses gelungene Set aus dem hochleistungsstarken Alesia Box Mod und dem hochwertigen Atlas V2 Verdampfer lässt die Herzen von Dampfliebhabern höher schlagen.

    Out of stock

Are you still undecided?

Each steamer first tries different liquids until it reaches its favourites or mixes its own creations. Be brave and you'll find that tastes that don't seem to match at first are often combined into a unique and fascinating composition. Until you have found the right ratio of bases to obtain the desired taste and steam development, it can take a few attempts. Don't let this discourage you. Tips and tricks can be found in our "Good to know" section or our blog. If you have not found the eLiquid you are looking for or are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on site in one of our two shops in Munich.

I'm new to steaming. What should I choose?

For newcomers, it is usually most important to be able to get started quickly and easily. E-cigarettes with finished evaporators are best suited for this. Beginners are not advised to wrap their own cigarettes, as a certain amount of knowledge about Ohm data is required. Quite different with finished evaporators: here the liquid can be simply filled in and the filling level be read off. Finished evaporators are available individually or as a set. A battery carrier is also essential for the starter set. Former smokers who are about to change over are best advised to take two batteries, so that the other can be used quickly after discharging one to avoid reaching for the tobacco cigarette.

What are the differences between battery carriers?

Most e-cigarettes are battery carriers. Here the battery cell is removable. With other batteries the cell is firmly built into the interior and cannot be removed. Battery carriers in which the rechargeable cell is not installed often offer more power, as the battery is stronger. Furthermore, one differentiates between digital and mechanical battery carriers. Digital batteries are sometimes also called "regulated", because volts and watts can be adjusted by a digital display. With mechanical, however, also called "unregulated", there is no display, but a fixed voltage is delivered via a button. Please note that less voltage is emitted with increasing service life of the battery. However, these are easier to operate.

What are evaporators?

Evaporators play a very important role, because here the liquid of your choice is converted into the gentle tasty steam. In the evaporator there is a heating spiral on which the liquid is evaporated. This is done at the push of a button. Depending on your preferences, you will find finished evaporators, self-wrapping evaporators or drip evaporators. Finished evaporators are particularly suitable for newcomers, as they lead quickly and easily to the desired result. If you don't want to replace an evaporator right away, you can use the DIY self-winding option. You will also find the necessary tools and materials here.

What are the advantages of steaming over smoking?

Steaming offers many advantages over smoking. While the high temperatures during smoking produce combustion products that damage the cells and can lead to cancer, lower temperatures during vaporization only vaporize the substances. Cell damage could not be detected. Steaming also offers a much wider range of flavours and leaves no unpleasant odours behind. With the same consumption, steaming is also much cheaper, even if you initially invest a lot in the equipment.