Einsteiger e-Zigaretten

Neu beim Dampfen? Hier gibt es alles für den Start

e-cigarettes for beginners

If you are new to steaming and are unsettled by the enormous amount of products and terms, then this category is for you. Here we have put together beginner-friendly products. These are easy to use and also make the switch from smoking to steaming easier for you. Especially if you have decided to quit smoking, it is all the more important to buy an e-cigarette that is easy to use. Otherwise frustration can quickly rise and the grasp to the cigarette becomes all too tempting.

It should also be borne in mind that the e-cigarette has a different draft behaviour than a conventional cigarette and that the draft behaviour can be set individually. Especially if you are a transfer passenger, you probably want a train comparable to a cigarette. With our E-cigarettes for beginners you can regulate this problem-free. Once you are used to the basics, you can soon make different settings and tinker. We wish you a lot of fun!