Atomizer for e-cigarettes

e-cigarette vaporizer

The evaporator is the heart of your e-cigarette, because here the liquid is converted into the tasty steam. It contains the liquid. At the push of a button, this is evaporated on a heating spiral located in the evaporator.

Depending on your preferences you will find evaporator heads, finished evaporators, tank evaporators or drip evaporators. Tank evaporators are ideal for beginners. While here the liquid is stored in a tank, with a drip evaporator you have to add liquid again and again. This is done by means of a wick on which a few drops of liquid are absorbed. Droplet evaporators are exclusively self-wrapping steamers.

This way you can always try new liquids. In addition, drip evaporators also produce the largest clouds. Here you will also find the necessary accessories. Take your time when choosing the evaporator and think about what is important to you when steaming. Depending on your preferences and budget, you will find the right model here.