Einsteiger e-Zigaretten

Neu beim Dampfen? Hier gibt es alles für den Start

E-cigarettes for beginners

If you’re new to the world of vaping you could easily get confused by the enormous amount of products and terms. If you’re about to quit smoking and want to make the switch to vaping this confusion can cause resignation and tobacco cigarettes might become too tempting again. That’s why it is very important to have a device that is easy to use and produces pleasant vape.

If you’re used to smoke cigarettes you might wish an e cig that offers an equal inhale technique. You will soon realize that the effect of nicotine and vapor production depends on your inhale technique. Take your time to explore the differences of your new e cig to the used tobacco cigs. In this category you will find devices that are just perfect for beginners! They are easy to handle, resistant, stylish and facilitate the switch. Most of them already have their battery inside so no additional battery is needed. Although all devices listed below are easy to use, they guarantee excellent vape results and a lot of fun. Let’s get started!