Modsfor e-cigarettes

Modsfor e-cigarettes

e-cigarette mods

The mod is the largest part of your e cigarette and contains the battery. Other devices have a pre-installed battery that can’t be taken out. However, mods tend to have more power. There are countless different designs, colors, materials and extra gadgets. What you choose depends on your taste.

Be aware that the battery must be compatible with the mod. Otherwise your e cigarette can explode, even if this case is really, really rare.

The mod holds the fire button that, when pressed, sends a signal to the coil inside the atomizer to heat the liquid. The atomizer itself, sits on top of the mod and like the battery, compatibility should be minded.

There are two kinds of mods: digital and mechanical mods. While mechanical mods are easier to handle, as they have defined settings, digital mods allow more room to experiment. They come with a display and different settings for voltage and watt.