e-cigarettes sets

Fill up with liquid and enjoy ...

Vape starter kits

With these starter kits, vaping has never been so simple! Just choose your favorite liquid and get started! These starter kits already include everything you need: a vape pen or mod, clearomizer, drip tip, battery and a charger. If you prefer the slim shape of a cigarette, you should go for a vape pen. These are very easy to use and come in a bunch of different colors and styles. Mods, however, are box shaped.

No matter which product you choose, we offer only high-quality sets that are resistant and guarantee a satisfying vape experience. Moreover, all products are made for daily use and therefore fit perfectly in any pocket. Pre-installed clearomizers make sure you can always see the liquid’s fluid level and thus don’t risk a dry hit.

If you want to quit smoking, an easy-to-use device is essential so you don’t fall into relapse. Congratulations! You’re on the best way for a better health.

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