e-Zigaretten, Base, Liquid und Aroma stark reduziert

  • The fruity taste of fresh strawberries meets deliciously soft whipped cream: our Strawberries and Cream Liquid is a very seductive blend to fall in love with.

  • The crunchy hearty biscuit pleasure - Our Cookie Liquid conjures up a smile on your face with its delicious sweet, oven-fresh Cookie taste guaranteed!

  • Creamy creamy buttermilk melts with a deliciously sour lemon aroma. Our Bottermelk Fresh Liquid makes it possible! Airy and delicious at the same time.

  • The '90s are back! Our Nebula Liquid brings back the unforgettable taste of the excitingly fruity Tutti Frutti chewing gum. Nostalgia guaranteed!

  • Sweet and sweet Cookie pleasure like freshly baked biscuits. Our Sugar Cookie Liquid enchants with its sweet vanilla note and light butter taste.

  • The refreshing interplay of cola and a hint of vanilla melt into a delicious taste experience in our Cola 2 Liquid. Guaranteed pleasure!

  • An airy taste like fresh from the pan! Our pancake Liquid captivates with its fine aroma and wonderful scent of deliciously sweet pancakes.

  • The full-bodied fruit pleasure of the yellow delicacy: Our honey melon Liquid seduces with its juicy, sweet taste of aromatic ripe honey melon!

  • 100% pink rolled chewing gum Flavour: Fruity, delicious, pure! Our My-Tide Pure Liquid convinces with its authentic bubblegum aroma all along the line.

  • Our My-Tide Liquid is a real firework of taste: fruity, unadulterated chewing gum taste meets a cool touch of menthol.

  • The full fruity seduction for fans of the delicious forest fruit: Our sour cherry 2 Liquid with its incredibly ripe and deliciously sweet sour cherry aroma!

  • White beaches, blue sea, sunshine and the creamy interplay of coconut and almonds: Our Cocoscream Liquids tastes like exotic relaxation!

  • Even grandma's secret recipe can't keep up with that: Our vanilla pudding liquid with its creamy sweet dessert cream taste - full pleasure to lay down!

  • Ripe, juicy lemon with a difference - our Lemon 2 Liquid: The pleasantly sour aroma is accompanied by a slightly sweet note! The lemony-sweet alternative!

  • Now it gets creamy, sweet, fruity, tasty, fresh... Oh, just make sure for yourself what our banana milk Liquid tastes like!

  • Juicy, rosy, sweet and above all fresh - Our Peach 2 Liquid brings the unique taste of aromatic, sun-ripened peaches directly to you!

  • Aromatic berry fun like fresh from the bush: Our Raspberry 2 Liquid and its delicious fruity raspberry taste provide for the authentic fruit experience!

  • I've watched out for sweet tooth cats: Our airy and delicious Liquid candy floss provides an authentic fairground feeling. The pleasantly sweet pleasure of the finest cotton candy.

  • The delicious mix of tasty cereals: Our Ninja Loop Liquid and its sweet aroma of freshly harvested grain - the stunningly fresh grain pleasure.

  • In this sweet liquid everything was packed what sweet cats love: A nutty vanilla taste with a softly melting caramel note invites you to dream.

  • Delicious juicy and as if baked by mummy! Our lemon cake Liquid is a must-have for all those who like to steam sweet and yet sour and refreshing.

  • Very striking and spicy, yet light and pleasant to steam - here comes the my-eLiquid Vimpire Liquid. Even bloodsuckers change to steaming.

  • Here beats the heart of the Caribbean! Our Tropical Heart Rum Liquid guarantees an exotic rum taste with a good portion of joie de vivre.

  • Due to the high demand for strawberry liquids, we have developed a new, sensational liquid that tastes like airy and sweet strawberry cream.

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