e-Zigaretten, Base, Liquid und Aroma stark reduziert


e-Zigaretten, Base, Liquid und Aroma stark reduziert
  • Mix DIY liquids with our Brandy Flavour: The popular after-dinner drink with its aged and grape-based taste is now available to be blended with other flavours.

  • Hot, delicious and heart-warming: our charming Winter Punch Flavouring Concentrate offers you the full-bodied and perfect taste of magical winter herbal tea.

  • Here comes the fragrant dream of the Christmas market for the whole year: Our Mulled Wine Flavour Concentrate gives you the pleasant taste of spiced, hot wine.

  • Sweet and creamy spirit taste: Try our splendid Eggnog Flavour Concentrate, the soft, aromatic temptation with a gentle alcohol note (of course, alcohol-free).

  • We have the unique taste of walnuts - our Walnut Flavouring Concentrate gives you the natural, full-bodied and slightly bitter pleasure of this exquisite nut.

  • This is our magnificent Mocha Flavour: strong ground coffee and a spoonful of sugar brewed in a copper pot. Let it lead you to the world of Arabian Nights...

  • A slightly bitter and sweet cocoa touch, added to warm milk foam, form our sinful Hot Chocolate Flavouring – enjoy this incomparable, creamy and rich taste!

  • Our distinctive Coffee Flavour has everything you could wish for: aromatic scent, strong and harmonious taste and luxurious, caffeine-free vaping experience.

  • Our tropical Papaya Flavouring Concentrate has an incomparably exciting taste: mild, yet sweet and fruity, yet fresh - Mix it, vape it and feel the tropics!

  • Our very authentic Raspberry Flavour Concentrate is an absolute must-have if you love these sweet berries: rich in taste, pleasantly sweet and super delicious!

  • This Orange Flavour imitates the natural taste of the pleasant citrus fruit perfectly: velvety, soft, juicy and a subtle combination of sweet and sour. Enjoy!

  • Our lovely Mandarin Flavour Concentrate has just the perfect combination of the citrus fruit’s mild and juicy sweetness – enjoy it throughout the whole year!

  • This is pure happiness - Our high-class Chocolate Flavouring Concentrate treats you with its irresistible delicate, cocoa aroma and its lovely, sweet scent.

  • Try our Banana Flavour that imitates the taste of the soft, yellow fruit perfectly & enjoy the fragrant vape clouds of ripe, sweet bananas – uniquely delicious!

  • Let our authentic Hazelnut Flavour Concentrate surprise you with its unique taste of fine, aromatic and roasted hazelnuts; for a deluxe blend and vape pleasure!

  • The perfect Cappuccino: creamy milk foam and a shot of strong, fragrant espresso... Fall in love with our Cappuccino Flavour and its flawless Italian savour!

  • Appreciate holiday feeling with our exotic and intense Jamaica Rum Flavour Concentrate! Fall in love with white beaches and Caribbean carefreeness and rhythms.

  • The outstanding sweet taste of fine almonds and sugar has been captured in our luxurious Marzipan Flavouring Concentrate that will inspire your palate! Yummy!

  • Say hello to this delicious tobacco dream - Our Mellow Sunset Flavour combines finest tobacco types with a pleasantly fruity and a subtle licorice undertone.

  • Wotofo Sapor RTA
    Der neue Wotofo Sapor hat ein Tankvolumen von bis zu 4ml.
    Mittels TopFilling lässt sich der Wotofo Sapor einfach und schnell von oben befüllen.

    Out of stock

  • Pamper your senses with this unique, piquant, well-balanced Vampire Flavour, a blend that will entice your taste buds. Approved by humans and vampires alike.

    Out of stock

  • Say hello to our exciting and creative Looper Flavour – it can be described best as a rich assortment of aromatic, fragrant cereals. Try it, mix it, love it!

  • Fruity Gum Flavouring: the ever since popular American chewing gum wrapped in the yellow paper has inspired us to the creation of this sweet and fruity flavour.

  • Delicious, sweet and appealing: Our Father’s Milk Flavour, the luxurious blend of fresh, sweet strawberries and cream is the season’s new seductive must-have.

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Liquids, Basen, e-Zigaretten, und Aromen Vape Sale

Die Fundgrube für Dampfer ist immer einen Blick wert. In der Kategorie Sale findet Ihr stark reduzierte e-Zigaretten Hardware, Liquids, Basen oder Aromen. Dabei handelt es sich um Restposten, Rückläufer oder Messe Artikel aus unserm Sortiment.

Die Angebote gelten natürlich nur so lange der Vorrat reicht. Also schnell durchstöbern und zuschlagen.