Charger and Battery for e-cigarettes

Chargers & Batteries for e-cigarettes

Steaming is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Here you will find different chargers and batteries for your e-cigarette.

Depending on the way you prefer to steam, we offer you the matching Akku. Here one can differentiate between finished batteries and battery carriers.

Finished rechargeable batteries have a built-in rechargeable battery that cannot be removed. All you need to do on these models is put on the evaporator and you can start right away with the enjoyable steam. On battery carriers, however, the battery cell can be changed. These are available in different versions and designs. Please note that the battery cell must be suitable for the battery carrier and that the required continuous load capacity increases with longer performance. You can easily calculate these by dividing the maximum power of the battery carrier by 3 and then adding 10% for conversion losses. With a battery carrier of 75 watts, the continuous load capacity of the battery must therefore be at least 27.5 amperes.