Eleaf ECL SS316 Verdampferköpfe | 0,18 Ohm - 0,3 Ohm

Die ECL SS316 Heads von Eleaf sind Sub-Ohm Verdampferköpfe mit Edelstahlwicklung und hoher Leistung, die mit den VW, Bypass, TC-SS und TCR-Modi kompatibel sind.

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Description & Rating Eleaf ECL SS316 Verdampferköpfe | 0,18 Ohm - 0,3 Ohm

Safety instructions & FAQ for e-cigarettes

Description & Rating Eleaf ECL SS316 Verdampferköpfe | 0,18 Ohm - 0,3 Ohm

  • Contents
    5 x Eleaf ECL Verdampferköpfe

Die ECL Verdampferköpfe kommen aus der EC-Serie, wobei der letzte Buchstabe L für die größeren Liquidkanäle steht, die einen besseren Liquidnachfluss gewähren.

Dadurch hat Eleaf die Geschmacks- und Dampfentwicklung verbessert. Sie bestehen aus zwei Wicklungen und können auf hoher Leistung bis 80 Watt arbeiten.

Kompatibel sind diese Verdampferköpfe mit folgenden Verdampfern: iJust S, iJust 2, Melo 2, Melo 3, Melo 3 Mini und Lemo 3.

Die ECL Verdampferköpfe sind in zwei Ohmstärken erhältlich: 0,18 Ohm und 0,3 Ohm.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie nach der ersten Befüllung mit Liquid ein paar Minuten warten müssen, bis sich die Watte mit der Flüssigkeit vollgesogen hat.

Sicherheitshinweise & FAQ für e-Zigaretten

FAQ - e-cigarettes

How long does the battery life of my e-cigarette last?

How long the battery lasts depends on use. With normal use, one assumes a consumption of 100mAh in the hour. Of course, consumption is higher with heavy use. Depending on the model, the battery lasts up to several days.

Can I steam while the battery is charging?

It all depends on your device. Some models also offer the possibility of steaming during loading. For this purpose, the battery must have an integrated USB port. Pay attention to the term "pass-through function" of your e-cigarette.

Is steaming unhealthy?

Smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette produces thousands of times more pollutants than steaming. While smoking directly damages the cells through combustion processes, such an effect could not be found with steam, because the steam is only heated, not burned.

What does an e-cigarette consist of?

An e-cigarette consists of a battery carrier, the structurally largest part of the e-cigarette, which contains the battery and transmits the current to the evaporator. This in turn contains a heating coil (coil). In the core of the coil there is a wick material soaked with liquid. At the upper part is the mouthpiece, also called DripTip.

Which e-cigarette is right for me?

The decision for a model depends on many factors. If you want to steam daily, a model with a strong battery is recommended. Especially as a beginner it is very advisable to choose a model from our category "e-cigarettes for beginners", as everything is already included and no complicated settings have to be made.

What does the Ohm number mean?

In the unit Ohm Ω the electrical resistance of the evaporator is indicated. The smaller this value is, the more heat reaches the heating coil and the more steam develops. However, more electricity is consumed and the wear is higher. If the ohm number is less than 1, we speak of sub-ohm, which is often used by experienced people and professionals, since a technical understanding is necessary here.