Flavors for liquids

Premium flavors for the self-mixing of eLiquids for the e-cigarette.

Flavors for liquids

Premium flavors for the self-mixing of eLiquids for the e-cigarette.
  • Royal, delicious and super juicy: in our charming Apple Flavouring Concentrate, we imitated the rich and sweet taste of the probably most popular fruit ever.

  • Our lovely Mandarin Flavour Concentrate has just the perfect combination of the citrus fruit’s mild and juicy sweetness – enjoy it throughout the whole year!

  • Our amazing Kiwi Flavour Concentrate says hello to the world of juicy fruit flavours. You will fall in love with its juicy and sweet, invigorating taste power!

  • Attention, folks, here comes our perfect Apricot Flavour: enjoy the unique taste of the apricot’s firm, sweet flesh that is surrounded by its velvety soft skin.

  • This is pure happiness - Our high-class Chocolate Flavouring Concentrate treats you with its irresistible delicate, cocoa aroma and its lovely, sweet scent.

  • Take your senses on a fragrant journey with our Blackberry Flavour Concentrate - you will experience the very delicate and sweet aroma of the dark forest berry.

  • Try our Banana Flavour that imitates the taste of the soft, yellow fruit perfectly & enjoy the fragrant vape clouds of ripe, sweet bananas – uniquely delicious!

  • As the name says… here comes the Best of Tobacco! This brilliant flavouring concentrate combines best tobacco types from mild and aromatic to strong and spicy.

  • Fall into a Vanilla dream and enjoy the aromatic scent of the queen of spices that has left her unmistakably sweet and fragrant aroma in our Vanilla Flavour.

  • The typically sweet taste of a refreshing Energy drink has been captured in our authentic Energy Flavour Concentrate: Invigorating, delicious and vitalizing!

  • This Orange Flavour imitates the natural taste of the pleasant citrus fruit perfectly: velvety, soft, juicy and a subtle combination of sweet and sour. Enjoy!

  • This Pear Flavour offers a juicy, ripe fruit taste like freshly picked from the tree... enjoy combining this naturally sweet flavour with other concentrates.

  • Das seit 1930 beliebte Getränk Gazoz hier von Hayvan Juice in Form eines Aroma. Hayvan Juice - Ga-Zoz Aroma ist eine leckere, süße Limo mit leichtem Cirtusgeschmack mit Cooling

    Out of stock

  • Das seit 1930 beliebte Getränk Gazoz hier von Hayvan Juice in Form eines Aroma. Hayvan Juice - Ga-Zoz Aroma ist eine leckere, süße Limo mit leichtem Cirtusgeschmack

    Out of stock

  • You surely do remember the colourful cereal rings you had for breakfast as a child? They are back now in our Ninja Loop Flavour with their super-fruity taste!

  • Here comes the fruity taste of the tropics: Our Pineapple Flavour combines pleasant sweetness, juicy taste and gentle sourness of the refreshing tropical fruit.

  • Our Woodruff Flavour Concentrate gives you the uniquely sparkling pleasure of the forest – absolutely vibrant, pleasantly sweet and hundred percent exciting!

  • Blend great summer inspired liquids with our bracing Melon Flavour Concentrate! It brings summer sunshine and succulent aroma right to you, even on rainy days.

  • Vape this high-class, sevenfold pleasure! Our fabulous 7 Leaves Flavour unites seven of the most delicious and finest tobacco types from all around the world.

  • That’s how summer tastes like: our sensational Watermelon Flavour inspires with the delicious sweetness and freshness of a ripe, cooled and juicy watermelon.

  • Here comes double refreshment: our magnificent Colt Arctic Flavouring Concentrate combines cool and natural mint taste with a frosty, stimulating menthol note.

  • Let our authentic Hazelnut Flavour Concentrate surprise you with its unique taste of fine, aromatic and roasted hazelnuts; for a deluxe blend and vape pleasure!

  • Our Coke Flavour does not only taste as fantastic as the worldwide popular soda, it also has the same refreshing effect. Vape it and get immediate refreshment!

  • The exquisite, original American tobacco pleasure - Our Virginia Flavour fascinates with its delicious and fine taste of pleasant mildness and a sweet note.

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Endless taste variety

There are so many different flavorings that it is nearly impossible to try all of them. If you mix them and create new styles, the possibilities get even more. And what’s best of all: you decide what to vape next. Whether you have a sweet tooth and you’re totally into dessert flavors or you prefer classic tastes like tobacco or coffee, you will find anything you’re looking for here.

What about unusual flavors? Check our special flavorings. If you are unsure yet, fruity flavorings are all-time-favorites. Be adventurous, start combining, mixing and trying out new vape flavors! As no two blends taste alike, every time you put two flavors together will be exciting.

Our TopFlavours Recommendations

  • Fall into a Vanilla dream and enjoy the aromatic scent of the queen of spices that has left her unmistakably sweet and fragrant aroma in our Vanilla Flavour.

  • Take a deep breath for irresistible freshness: Our bracing Ice Candy Flavour Concentrate refreshes you with the icy coolness of frosty glacial ice. Pure energy!

  • Selected Flavours of finest wild berries become in Waldbeere DIY Aroma for e-Liquids a composition that inspires all who love it fruity sweet mögen.

  • What a magical combination! Let our wonderful Magic Purge Flavour Concentrate enchant you with its brilliant fusion of strawberries, blueberries and menthol.

  • Do you remember the pink, rolled-up chewing gum from your childhood? Its taste is now available in our My-Tide Flavour, combined with a gentle touch of menthol.

  • When creamy buttermilk kisses zesty lemon aroma, our Bottermelk Fresh Flavour is born. This lovely blend gives you a delicious and refreshing vape experience.


Which liquid would you like to vape today?

There’s no doubt: what kind of liquid tastes best is the most exciting yet most difficult question for each vaper. There’s an endless range of different liquids and everyone has another favorite one. Selecting one flavor depends not only on the situation, the season but also on your personality. What about some tobacco flavored e-liquid? Or a refreshing fruit flavored one? You prefer a liquid inspired by your preferred drink? You are the only one to choose!

Which flavor concentrate is best for me

That’s a question only you have the answer to. There are countless different flavors and when combinedno two custom blends taste alike. So you have so many options when deciding to mix two or more flavors. When relaxing in the sun you might prefer a cooling flavor such as some menthol flavored fruity one. Cold cuddly winter nights however will get even more comfortable with a gingerbread or baked apple flavor. So don’t hesitate and start finding your own exciting flavors today!

Did you find what you were looking for?

It is quite normal for a vaper to try out different flavors first until it reaches his personal favourites list. This requires your creativity: mix and combine different flavours and you will find that tastes that do not fit at first glance often combine to a unique and fascinating composition. If you have not found the aroma you are looking for or are unsure about, we will be happy to advise you in one of our two shops in Munich.

What do flavorings consist of?

Be assured that we offer only flavorings that are made in Germany. Except the tobacco ones all flavor concentrates can be used in food industry, too. They are not harmful and are eco-labelled. Although the my-eLiquid flavorings are suitable for food production, we only sell them as vape products. Please notice that if you are allergic to any nutrients (e.g. nuts) you may also react allergic to the corresponding concentrate. All our flavorings are sugar-free, gluten-free as well lactose-free. Furthermore they do not contain any colorants.

What are the advantages of vaping over smoking?

You may not believe it, but there are so many! First of all (and just to name a few), the products that are inside a cigarette are burnt while smoking. Burnt products are always bad for your health and they damage your cells or, more precisely, the nucleus with the DNA inside the cell. While vaping however, no products are being burnt, but instead (you may have guessed) vaporized. Second, e-cigs don’t leave that stinky smell behind, but instead they have a smooth and lovely scent. Third, vaping is cheaper than smoking. You can save even more money if you mix your own DIY e-juices. Our flavorings are just perfect for that!

How do I make my own e-juice from flavorings?

As the world of vaping is all about individuality and choices, there is an endless number of tastes you could produce. Once you have understood the basics of DIYing there is only one important task left: creativity. When it comes to our flavor concentrates you have two options: either you use them to mix a yet ready e-liquid with in order to modify its taste (many customers choose a menthol flavor or vanilla flavor for that) or you create a totally new liquid with any flavors you can think of. Of course, DIYing e-liquids takes more time, but you will love every single e juice you have created and poured your soul into.

What’s your payment and shipping policy?

If you’re ordering from Germany there is no shipping fee for orders above 50€. If not otherwise specified, most orders are filled within two business days. You will be informed via e-mail. All shipments are sent through DHL. All packages are traceable. Please contact DHL if you are concerned about your order’s location. Once your order has left our company we are not responsible for it. For a fast and secure payment we recommend PayPal. We also accept bank transfer. Please do not forget to assign your order number.