Tobacco flavors for liquids

Best of tobacco, Dark Fire, Mellow Sunset, Royal, RY4, vanilla tobacco ...

Tobacco flavors for liquids

Best of tobacco, Dark Fire, Mellow Sunset, Royal, RY4, vanilla tobacco ...

Tobacco flavorings

Especially when you are about to make the switch from normal cigarettes to healthier e-cigs, you might love to put a touch of tobacco flavor into your new liquid. But also if you are an expert on vaping you will enjoy the taste of tobacco as it has been inspiring people all over the world for ages.

Our tobacco flavorings go from mild or floral ones over spicy to even sweet and vanilla-like ones. Popular tobacco types are for example RY4, Old Holborn or Max Blend. Seven popular and delicious kinds of tobacco are blended to one mesmerizing composition that is called “7 Leaves”. Fall into a fantastic dream of Arabian Nights with our “Oriental” flavor.

All tobacco flavorings are just perfect to combine with your favorite taste. They always make a great finish for the DIY liquid of your choice. We are sure that you will love it! And because not only your fun but also your safety is important to us, my-eLiquid only uses products according to the German pharmacopoeia.


Which liquid would you like to vape today?

There’s no doubt: what kind of liquid tastes best is the most exciting yet most difficult question for each vaper. There’s an endless range of different liquids and everyone has another favorite one. Selecting one flavor depends not only on the situation, the season but also on your personality. What about some tobacco flavored e-liquid? Or a refreshing fruit flavored one? You prefer a liquid inspired by your preferred drink? You are the only one to choose!

Which flavor concentrate is best for me

That’s a question only you have the answer to. There are countless different flavors and when combinedno two custom blends taste alike. So you have so many options when deciding to mix two or more flavors. When relaxing in the sun you might prefer a cooling flavor such as some menthol flavored fruity one. Cold cuddly winter nights however will get even more comfortable with a gingerbread or baked apple flavor. So don’t hesitate and start finding your own exciting flavors today!

Did you find what you were looking for?

It is quite normal for a vaper to try out different flavors first until it reaches his personal favourites list. This requires your creativity: mix and combine different flavours and you will find that tastes that do not fit at first glance often combine to a unique and fascinating composition. If you have not found the aroma you are looking for or are unsure about, we will be happy to advise you in one of our two shops in Munich.