Fruity Liquids for e-cigarettes

Apple, Banana, Strawberry, Sweet Cherry, Watermelon ...

  • Snacking without calories: In our my-Vanilla Liquid creamy sweet vanilla aroma meets delicious creamy caramel taste - Our delicious blend!

  • The Blumonia Liquid from Six Licks, made for us. The breathtaking taste of sweet fruity raspberries and juicy blueberries mixed with cool ice.

  • Get refreshed by Six Licks and the Love Bite Liquid. Tart grapefruit hamonically matched with the fruity juice of a blood orange. Nothing refreshes you that much.

  • Refinement, that's what the name is screaming about. The Liquid Gold from Six Licks not only makes your coil shine, it also brings a smile to your face.

  • Sweet sweet sweet! Frosting on the sweet cupcake! Everybody wants to try it. Liquid cream cake from Dr Kero. No one can resist this taste.

  • Refreshing lemon cream with a sweet dough Dough Dough Bros develops a Lemon Liquid for the sweet hours. May also be shared!

  • Apple Liquid, doesn't sound extraordinary. But Dough Bros mixes it into a full-bodied sweet doughnut. Apple Liquid lets the water run together in your mouth.

  • The combination of different types of mango and a fresh coolness makes this Sun Tan Mango Liquid from Dinner Lady a real summer racer. Taste it!

  • The strong sweet taste of mango combined with a tender cake dough? Dinner Lady has Mango Tart Liquid at the start. As tasty as his relatives.

  • Candy cane for everybody! Whether summer or winter the sweet pleasure there is now the whole year! Thank you Dr. Frost for this sugar-sweet Candy Cane Liquid!

  • Honeydrew Blackcurrant Liquid wants to spoil the taste buds! The mixture of sour currant and sweet honeydew melon makes Dr. Frost's Liquid unique.

  • Shake the Strawberry Milkshake Liquid! With the seductive strawberry and the creamy milk taste, Dr. Frost almost competes with our jack of hearts!

  • What can't be missing in summer? Correct the Strawberry Ice Liquid from Dr. Frost with iced strawberry! Also served ice-cold without refrigerator.

  • A sweet mango in an exceptional bottle. A hint of orange was added to the Mango Tango Liquid by Magnes E-Juice for the balanced taste.

  • Banana!!!!! The classic cheesecake combined with the fruity banana and a fine vanilla note makes the One Banana Liquid by Magnes E-Juice unique.

  • Bubble Tea is now also available here! The Milkman has again launched a wonderful Bubble Milk Liquid with a fine jasmine note and refined it with honey.

  • So delicious the soda-lishes Ice Liquid from Momo Soda Liquids! Tart grapefruit, sweet raspberry and juicy plum lemonade cooled on ice.

  • Bahama mama was yesterday! Now comes Guava Sunrise Liquid! With a fruity pineapple, a creamy note and Guavemixed Dinner Lady a delicious taste.

  • Dinner Lady has once again hit this mix well with the Flip Flop Lychee Liquid! A splash of lemon and juicy lychee, rounded off with a hint of ice.

  • A wonderful ensemble of ripe, juicy oranges and aromatic mangos, frozen in eternal ice.

  • Does it always have to be strawberry? No, blue raspberry can also be used to make a grandiose shake. Blue Respberry Milkshake Liquid, usual cool as we know it from Dr. Frost.

  • Das richtige Liquid, um Vape Tricks mit der E-Zigarette zu machen: mit dem AMT-Vape Trick Vaping Liquid klappen schon bald Quallen, Ringe oder Shark Bends!!!

  • Wer hat die größten? Unser AMT-Vape Cloud Chasing Liquid wurde kreiert, um dichte Dampfwolken zu schaffen - dank der richtigen Mischung jetzt ein Kinderspiel!

  • Eine Menge rote und blaue Beeren vereint mit Anis und Menthol wurden im Strixx Heisenberg Liquid ausgewogen gemischt. Besonders an Sommertagen ein Vape Favorit.

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eLiquids with the flavor of fruits

Everyone loves delicious juicy fruits. And that's exactly why we offer an abundant fruit basket of local to exotic varieties for your fruity steam experience.

All berry collectors get their money's worth here. The offer reaches from strawberry over raspberry, blueberry and blackberry up to forest berry. Let yourself be convinced and in the twinkling of an eye you can experience the berry pleasure of steaming your e-cigarette " without any annoying picking!

Enthusiastic customers confirm the unmistakable and original taste of our Fruit Liquids. Those who long for tropical places and lonely beaches will dream of varieties like mango, papaya, coconut or peach-passion fruit. Of course, the universally popular classic vanilla is also a must in our collection, which is also ideal for combining with other products.

Want a little refreshment? Citrus fruits such as limes, lemons or oranges as a liquid for steaming provide a pleasantly light and refreshing feeling. In addition, all our liquids leave behind a sweet and fragrant vapour.

Of course, all our liquids are nicotine-free and available in different nicotine strengths.

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Which liquid would you like to vape today?

There’s no doubt: what kind of liquid tastes best is the most exciting yet most difficult question for each vaper. There’s an endless range of different liquids and everyone has another favorite one. Selecting one flavor depends not only on the situation, the season but also on your personality. What about some tobacco flavored e-liquid? Or a refreshing fruit flavored one? You prefer a liquid inspired by your preferred drink? You are the only one to choose!

Which flavor concentrate is best for me

That’s a question only you have the answer to. There are countless different flavors and when combinedno two custom blends taste alike. So you have so many options when deciding to mix two or more flavors. When relaxing in the sun you might prefer a cooling flavor such as some menthol flavored fruity one. Cold cuddly winter nights however will get even more comfortable with a gingerbread or baked apple flavor. So don’t hesitate and start finding your own exciting flavors today!

Did you find what you were looking for?

Each steamer first tries different liquids until it reaches its favourites or mixes its own creations. Be brave and you'll find that tastes that don't seem to match at first are often combined into a unique and fascinating composition. If you have not found the eLiquid you are looking for or are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on site in one of our two shops in Munich.