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  • Those who like sweet liquids will love the Biscuit Liquid! The taste of full-bodied and airy light sponge cake according to an old recipe is now available for steaming.

  • Creamy soft peanut butter taste wrapped in full-bodied sweet chocolate aroma. Our Peanutbutter-Choko Liquid: the nutty chocolaty adventure!

  • Sweet and sweet Cookie pleasure like freshly baked biscuits. Our Sugar Cookie Liquid enchants with its sweet vanilla note and light butter taste.

  • Now it gets tingling: Our Wald-Brause Liquid bubbles directly into your heart with its tangy, sweet Waldmeister taste. Tastes good and is fun!

  • Snacking without calories: In our my-Vanilla Liquid creamy sweet vanilla aroma meets delicious creamy caramel taste - Our delicious blend!

  • The refreshing interplay of cola and a hint of vanilla melt into a delicious taste experience in our Cola 2 Liquid. Guaranteed pleasure!

  • The genuine freshness of icy menthol: pure, clear and refreshing. Our menthol liquid with the authentic frosty aroma of arctic cold. Really cool!

  • The delicious caramel sweet as liquid: Our toffee liquid and its nutty creamy toffee wrapped in a fine melting note - the caramel hit!

  • An airy taste like fresh from the pan! Our pancake Liquid captivates with its fine aroma and wonderful scent of deliciously sweet pancakes.

  • The full-bodied fruit pleasure of the yellow delicacy: Our honey melon Liquid seduces with its juicy, sweet taste of aromatic ripe honey melon!

  • Our Espresso Liquid is characterized by its incomparable coffee and roast aroma. Guaranteed creamy taste like in the café of an Italian piazza.

  • The '90s are back! Our Nebula Liquid brings back the unforgettable taste of the excitingly fruity Tutti Frutti chewing gum. Nostalgia guaranteed!

  • Creamy creamy buttermilk melts with a deliciously sour lemon aroma. Our Bottermelk Fresh Liquid makes it possible! Airy and delicious at the same time.

  • Everybody loves fruity berries! For the ultimate freshness experience in the mouth, Berry Bäm Liquid was created with a colourful berry mix and a hint of menthol.

  • Crunchy sour green apples, freshly picked from the tree, give the fruit Liquid Apple Sour an incomparably refreshing and at the same time fruity note.

  • The green fairy of spirits combines the taste of anise, fennel, wormwood and herbs in our Absinthe Liquid. Full taste without hangovers guaranteed!

  • The delicious mix of tasty cereals: Our Ninja Loop Liquid and its sweet aroma of freshly harvested grain - the stunningly fresh grain pleasure.

  • Gingerbread only for Christmas? Wrong! Because our Lebkuchen Liquid tastes good all year round: spicy, bitter gingerbread taste like from the Christmas market!

  • The delicacy for lovers of dark chocolate: Our Dark Chocolate Liquid provides dark cocoa pleasure with its tart, full-bodied chocolate aroma.

  • I've watched out for sweet tooth cats: Our airy and delicious Liquid candy floss provides an authentic fairground feeling. The pleasantly sweet pleasure of the finest cotton candy.

  • The crunchy hearty biscuit pleasure - Our Cookie Liquid conjures up a smile on your face with its delicious sweet, oven-fresh Cookie taste guaranteed!

  • Fruit juice fans watch out! Our E-Juice Liquid combines the fresh taste of selected fruits to a delicious fruity multivitamin juice pleasure.

  • 100% pink rolled chewing gum Flavour: Fruity, delicious, pure! Our My-Tide Pure Liquid convinces with its authentic bubblegum aroma all along the line.

  • Our My-Tide Liquid is a real firework of taste: fruity, unadulterated chewing gum taste meets a cool touch of menthol.

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eLiquids from my-eLiquids

my-eLiquid Liquids at a glance ✓ All Liquids of the own brand of the Premium Liquid manufacturer: my-eLiquid. ✓ The liquids for e-cigarettes are available in different filling quantities ✓. and nicotine levels ✓ or as Shake and Vape bottles. ✓

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Which liquid would you like to vape today?

There’s no doubt: what kind of liquid tastes best is the most exciting yet most difficult question for each vaper. There’s an endless range of different liquids and everyone has another favorite one. Selecting one flavor depends not only on the situation, the season but also on your personality. What about some tobacco flavored e-liquid? Or a refreshing fruit flavored one? You prefer a liquid inspired by your preferred drink? You are the only one to choose!

Which flavor concentrate is best for me

That’s a question only you have the answer to. There are countless different flavors and when combinedno two custom blends taste alike. So you have so many options when deciding to mix two or more flavors. When relaxing in the sun you might prefer a cooling flavor such as some menthol flavored fruity one. Cold cuddly winter nights however will get even more comfortable with a gingerbread or baked apple flavor. So don’t hesitate and start finding your own exciting flavors today!

Did you find what you were looking for?

Each steamer first tries different liquids until it reaches its favourites or mixes its own creations. Be brave and you'll find that tastes that don't seem to match at first are often combined into a unique and fascinating composition. If you have not found the eLiquid you are looking for or are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on site in one of our two shops in Munich.