Sweet Liquids for e-cigarettes

Honey, caramel, almond paste, chocolate, pancakes, praline....

  • Due to the high demand for strawberry liquids, we have developed a new, sensational liquid that tastes like airy and sweet strawberry cream.

  • A not quite everyday creation we received here from Sique Berlin. The Neo Peanut Caramel Ice Cream Bar Liquid, not only sounds seductive, you can also just fool yourself.

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  • As expected, Dr. Frost has once again thrown something ingenious onto the market with Grape Ice Liquid. Fruity grape sorbet like you've never tried before.

  • No matter if big or small Big Foot fits into every evaporator! The delicious Mini Donut Liquid by Dr. Fog from the Decoded range is an addictive dough maker made of sweet and juicy dough.

  • The donut row from Dr. Fog, we can't get enough. Here in the simple variation with aromatic cinnamon and a sweet vanilla glaze. The Duke Liquid, perfect for the cafe!

  • A creamy liquid dream is served to us by Dr. Fog: Dohz Nuts Liqud is a caramel donut with a peanut butter filling. Enough of donut? No, we don't believe that!

  • Now it's getting fruity! Dr. Fog Alpha Liquid is just the beginning of the Famous Ice Cream series. A fruity sweet watermelon sorbet. Naturally served cold to enjoy.

  • The Milkman presents.... THE MILKMAN Liquid! The name says it all. A creamy milk ice cream with vanilla and small pieces of cake. Not too overloaded, easy to enjoy.

  • Give me the Cush Man! Mature mango meets a sweet banana. A balanced mixture that screams for more. The light freshness spices up the Mango Banana Liquid.

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  • A ripe mango combines with the sweet strawberry. A hint of freshness must not be missing with this liquid from Cush Man. Mango Strawberry sounds easier than it tastes.

  • What's new from 510 Cloudpark! The Jubaka Liquid tastes like a freshly baked cake with a tangy orange note, juicy apples and a fruity melon topping.

  • Melon on my Mind vin Sixs Licks, is an exciting, everyday mix of wonderfully juicy watermelons and fruity honeydew melons in perfect harmony with each other.

  • The Mr. Cream - Mango Liquid is, as the name suggests, a fruity, ripe mango in a light, sweet cream. A great liquid from the makers of Dr. Frost.

  • Sique Berlin E-Liquid - AIR is a liquid with a minty chewing gum taste. The perfect liquid for everything that doesn't always want to steam the same. Light and yet tasteful.

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  • Melon Haze is the new liquid from the series Midnight Munchies by Vaporist. A fruity creamy melon ice cream. For the sweet one, there's some sprinkles on top.

  • Refinement, that's what the name is screaming about. The Liquid Gold from Six Licks not only makes your coil shine, it also brings a smile to your face.

  • The Blumonia Liquid from Six Licks, made for us. The breathtaking taste of sweet fruity raspberries and juicy blueberries mixed with cool ice.

  • A sweet mango in an exceptional bottle. A hint of orange was added to the Mango Tango Liquid by Magnes E-Juice for the balanced taste.

  • Banana!!!!! The classic cheesecake combined with the fruity banana and a fine vanilla note makes the One Banana Liquid by Magnes E-Juice unique.

  • Bubble Tea is now also available here! The Milkman has again launched a wonderful Bubble Milk Liquid with a fine jasmine note and refined it with honey.

  • So delicious the soda-lishes Ice Liquid from Momo Soda Liquids! Tart grapefruit, sweet raspberry and juicy plum lemonade cooled on ice.

  • Imagine that: A delicious juicy apple, sprinkled with brown sugar embedded in an airy loosen dough. Get Apple Splatter Liquid from Momo Liquids!

  • Something new from Magnes E-Juice to the chewing gum friends. Arizona Sting Liquid - Magic Cactus is a blend of cactus fruit and blueberry sweet chewing gum.

  • Strawberry Menthol, a standard among the Allday Liquids! With our new edition we bring again Pepp into the everyday life! My-089 Liquid for every day!

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eLiquids with sweet taste

A wonderful world like that of Willy Wonka opens up for you in our confectionery department. Sweet seductions make all steamers' hearts beat faster. And if the calories try to make you feel guilty, we can reassure you. Nothing here hits the hips!

At my-eliquid we have selected only the most convenient ingredients that are produced in Germany and subject to constant controls to offer you an exceptional journey through the world of sweet sins. Get on, pack your e-cigarette, it's on!

Walk through golden caramel rivers as you pick chocolate pralines from chocolate trees along the way, past liquorice bushes over creamy mountains and lakes of vanilla pudding. Steaming our sweet liquids leaves pleasant, fragrant clouds behind.

At our gingerbread houses no witch is waiting for you, help yourself! The smell of fresh pancakes is in the air. Dipped under the rain from Cookies through, it goes on to the Zuckerwattestand. Which sweet liquid do you choose next?

All our liquids are available both nicotine-free and in different thicknesses up to 18mg/ml.

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Which eLiquid do you want to steam today?

Which eLiquid tastes best is probably the most exciting question for all steamers. The possibility of using the right eLiquid for every occasion and every mood automatically results from the variety of different flavours. Tobacco taste or rather fruity eLiquid? Menthol Kick or Drinks Aroma? Only you can answer this question yourself.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Each steamer first tries different liquids until it reaches its favourites or mixes its own creations. Be brave and you'll find that tastes that don't seem to match at first are often combined into a unique and fascinating composition. If you have not found the eLiquid you are looking for or are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on site in one of our two shops in Munich.