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Sparkling mint

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Description & Rating JUUL - PODS | Mint | (4ER PACK)

Ingredients, safety instructions & FAQ JUUL - PODS | Mint | (4ER PACK)

Description & Rating JUUL - PODS | Mint | (4ER PACK)

  • H302+H332 Gesundheitsschädlich bei Verschlucken oder Einatmen.
    H371 Kann die Organe schädigen (oder alle betroffenen Organe nennen, sofern bekannt) (Expositionsweg angeben, sofern schlüssig belegt ist, dass diese Gefahr bei keinem anderen Expositionsweg besteht).
  • Taste
  • Best before
    24 months
  • Contents
    JUUL - PODS | Mint | (4 x 0,7ml)

JUUL Mint Pods Sparkling mint, which with its pleasant coolness will make your taste buds ring.

Inhaltsstoffe, Sicherheitshinweise & FAQ JUUL - PODS | Mint | (4ER PACK)

FAQ - eLiquids

Which e-liquid is right for me?

We offer a variety of different Liquids. The choice of e-Liquid depends on personal preferences and situations in which steam is used. Whether sweet liquids, menthol, tobacco or fruit liquids - we have the right liquid for every taste.

What does the eLiquid consist of?

Basically the liquid consists of propylene glycol, glycerine, food flavourings and optionally nicotine. The aroma contained in the E-Liquid gives the steam its individual taste.

How do I know that the tank is empty with liquid?

If the liquid tends towards the end, less steam is produced and the taste diminishes. It may cause scratching in the throat or a burnt-on taste. You should then sprinkle the evaporator with the liquid again. Never steam your e-cigarette empty!

Which nicotine strength is right for me?

This question can only be answered individually. Depending on your smoking habits, you can adjust the nicotine content of your e-cigarette to match your cigarette strength. The nicotine content is given in mg/ml liquid. Heavy smokers often use 18mg/ml, while occasional smokers use only 6mg/ml.

What is the best way to store eLiquids?

Always keep the liquids out of the reach of children and animals. Store the E-Liquid in a cool and dry place and avoid direct exposure to the sun, otherwise it may cause changes such as loss of aroma.

Are e-Liquids healthier than cigarettes?

The healthiest thing to do is not to smoke or steam at all. Especially pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with cardiovascular diseases should neither smoke nor steam. In contrast to a conventional tobacco cigarette, steam does not produce any harmful substances, as various studies have shown.